Explore the world of refurbished iPhones with our reliable selection. A refurbished iPhone has been thoroughly inspected, repaired and tested, making it comparable to new devices in terms of performance and quality. Reliability is essential, which is why you'll find carefully refurbished iPhones that meet the highest standards with us.

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We are an authorized supplier with comprehensive warranties and a customer-friendly return policy. Our mission is to dispel misconceptions about the reliability of refurbished electronics. Consciously choose a refurbished iPhone and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Explore our selection of popular models like the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and more, all at affordable prices. Make a green choice today with a refurbished iPhone from us.

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With us, you benefit from significant savings of up to 40% off the price of a new iPhone. This cost-effective option provides affordable access to high-quality devices. We strive to promote sustainability by reducing electronic waste. Our refurbished iPhones undergo thorough inspections, repairs and software updates, making them nearly identical to new devices.

iPhone Outlet-Store quality and grades

Refurbished implies that a device has been thoroughly repaired and fitted with new parts, bringing it back to its optimum performance. However, it is important to realize that not all refurbished iPhones are created equal. Therefore, they are classified according to different grades. Depending on the condition, the benefit you gain can become even more significant.

Immaculate: Like New This category represents the top condition among refurbished iPhones. We recommend devices that fall under this condition. As the name suggests, refurbished iPhones in this condition show minimal or virtually no signs of use. Moreover, they have been completely refurbished under the hood. As a result, these polished iPhones look and function like new both internally and externally.

Minimal signs of use in the 'lightly used' category: There may be minor signs of use in various places on the outside of the refurbished iPhone. Think of barely visible scratches on the screen or casing. Despite these minor imperfections, the inside has been repaired and refurbished. With this condition, you pay less than the top condition.

VisiblyUsed: This is the most affordable category within refurbished iPhones. Use marks are evident, ranging from scratches on the screen to possible dents in the casing. These cosmetic imperfections do not affect functionality.

Nonetheless, this is the category of refurbished iPhones where the feel of a new phone is least strongly present and most comparable to a used iPhone

Refurbished iPhone vs used iPhone: An in-depth comparison

There is often confusion between a refurbished iPhone and a used device. Although both have been previously used, there is a significant difference. This is because a refurbished iPhone undergoes a thorough repair and refurbishment process. Defective parts are replaced and any repairs are made. Depending on the signs of use on the outside, the refurbished iPhone is categorized into one of the previously discussed conditions.

Another important distinction is that when you buy a used device, you often have no further contact with the seller. This is different with refurbished devices. After purchase, you actually enjoy a two-year warranty on your iPhone. In addition, used iPhones are not repaired or refurbished; it is more a matter of "what you see is what you get."

This also means that with a used iPhone, you are not guaranteed a properly functioning battery. After all, you can't wait a moment during the sale to gauge how long the battery lasts.

Pros and cons of refurbished iPhones: An in-depth overview

Refurbished iPhones have both advantages and disadvantages, making the decision process between refurbished and other options easier. Here is an overview of the pluses and minuses of a refurbished device:

Advantages of refurbished:

  • Price advantage: Significantly cheaper than new, with savings of up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Checked and Guaranteed: Thorough inspection and warranty upon purchase.
  • Safe Purchase: Known providers, legal cooling-off period and right of return.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Contributes to environmental savings and reduces waste.

Disadvantages of refurbished:

  • Possible Damages: May be damaged or repaired with unofficial parts.
  • Battery Capacity: Battery may have lost some of its capacity.
  • Accessories: Often no or unofficial accessories are included.
  • Availability latest models: Newest models are often not yet available as refurbished.

An important aspect when choosing a refurbished iPhone is the price. You save significantly compared to a new device. For example, the iPhone 12 is available new starting at $755, while the refurbished variant currently costs $649.

One drawback is the possibility of using unofficial parts in repairs, which can also apply to included accessories such as a charger. However, the use of "aftermarket" parts is not a problem in daily use, as long as they are approved.

Refurbished hallmark: Reliability of refurbished:

A common question is: Is refurbished reliable? With pre-owned devices, you often don't know what you're getting. A refurbished iPhone also starts out as pre-owned, but the difference occurs upon receipt by the refurbished reseller's buyer. Known and reported defects are addressed, unknown problems are discovered and fixed during repair. Essential parts are replaced, making a refurbished iPhone significantly different from a used device.

Terms of use of refurbished iPhones: Transparency in quality

Once a future refurbished iPhone is ready for sale, it will be offered under one of the following usage conditions:

  1. Visibly used
  2. Slightly used
  3. As good as new

In all cases, the device is 100% functional. The difference lies only in the degree of visible signs of use on the outside of the refurbished iPhone.

How can you be sure your refurbished iPhone is working properly? In addition to the standard two-year warranty, reliable refurbished devices also offer the 'Keurmerk Refurbished'. Established in 2019 in the Netherlands, this hallmark works together with Techniek Nederland and TÜV.

The iPhone-Outlet-Store is a recognized supplier with comprehensive warranties and a customer-friendly return policy. Our mission is to dispel misconceptions about the reliability of refurbished electronics. Consciously choose a refurbished iPhone and contribute to a more sustainable future. Explore our selection of popular models like the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and more, all at affordable prices. Make a green choice today with a refurbished affordable iPhone from us.

Top choices for Refurbished iPhones in 2024: Discover the best models

The Hallmark Refurbished acts as a seal of reliability, which is an important consideration when choosing a refurbished iPhone. This hallmark goes through a fifty-point inspection process, from the display to the microphone.

Should something not work properly during use, you can count on support during the two-year warranty period. Top Choices for Refurbished iPhones in 2024: Discover the Best Models

Looking for the crème de la crème of refurbished iPhones? Here are the most relevant and sought-after models right now:

1. Refurbished iPhone 12 series

Among refurbished iPhones, the iPhone 12 series occupies a prominent place as one of the latest and most advanced choices. This series includes four impressive devices:

The entry-level model, the iPhone 12, retains the iconic design that sets the standard for the next generation. In addition, the iPhone 12 series is equipped with the powerful A14 chip, delivering top performance.

For photography enthusiasts, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini offer a dual camera setup with a wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, both 12-megapixel. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max go a step further with a third lens and an advanced LiDAR scanner, including an ultra-wide-angle lens with the same resolution. This LiDAR scanner not only provides depth recognition in photos and videos, but also enhances augmented reality (AR) capabilities through improved projections in both indoor and outdoor situations.

Refurbished iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max: Affordability meets performance

The iPhone 11 generation, which includes models such as the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, has undergone an impressive upgrade with the introduction of the A13 processor. The iPhone 11, as the successor to the XR, offers two cameras, including an ultra-wide-angle lens and a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with advanced features such as night mode.

The Pro models add a telephoto lens for enhanced zooming capabilities. Battery life in this series is also impressive, with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro offering up to 17 hours of video playback on a full battery, and the Pro Max surpassing even 17 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

A refurbished iPhone is a previously used device that has been carefully inspected, repaired and tested to meet high quality standards.

A refurbished iPhone is previously used, but after thorough inspection and repair, it can be comparable in performance and quality to a new device.

Reliable sources are authorized stores, certified refurbished providers and reputable online marketplaces.

Yes, refurbished iPhones are usually significantly cheaper than new ones, with savings of up to 40% or more, depending on the model.

While there may be risks, such as hidden defects, these can be minimized by buying from reliable sellers.

A well-maintained refurbished iPhone can last for many years, depending on the model and usage.

The difference lies in the thorough inspection, repair and replacement of parts in refurbished ones.

Reliable sellers often offer warranties, but terms may vary. It is important to check this before purchasing.

Check the IMEI code to prevent theft and buy from reputable sellers for extra security.

Yes, a wide range of models is available, including popular choices such as iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone X and earlier versions.