Are you considering purchasing a pre-owned iPhone to save on your purchase while contributing to a more sustainable environment? The iPhone-Outlet-Store offers essentially pre-owned iPhones that have been thoroughly inspected at more than 50 points. Thus, we guarantee that every iPhone comes in A-grade quality (the best quality).

So you can be sure that your iPhone is 100% technically sound. Our iPhones come in a deluxe box with all the necessary new accessories. With a 2-year warranty period and a 14-day cooling-off period, you can enjoy your iPhone carefree. At you pay the price of a used iPhone, but you get more security.

Attractive prices

Are you looking for an affordable iPhone? Then choose an inexpensive refurbished refurbished iPhone. In addition to an attractive price, you'll also be contributing to a better environment by ensuring that an Apple iPhone gets a second life. All refurbished iPhones in our webshop have been thoroughly checked at more than 50 points, detecting any defective parts or damage.

Defective parts are immediately replaced with new ones of the highest quality. Our refurbished iPhones are practically as good as new. Thanks to the extensive inspection process and a two-year warranty period, you are assured of a top purchase.

Our refurbished iPhones always come sim lock free, so you can immediately use the device with any SIM card.

Buy from reliable sources!

Discover reliable sources for pre-owned iPhones, such as authorized stores, certified refurbished providers and reputable online marketplaces. Verify quality by inspecting physical damage, assessing battery condition and reviewing warranty terms.

Save significantly on costs, contribute to environmental friendliness and enjoy a wider range of models. While there may be risks, such as hidden defects or stolen devices, these can be minimized by buying from reliable sellers.

Used iPhones are usually much more affordable than new ones, with savings of up to 50% or more, depending on the model. A wide range of models are available, including popular choices such as iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone X and earlier versions. As for longevity, a well-maintained pre-owned iPhone can last for many more years, depending on the model.

The difference between refurbished and pre-owned iPhones lies in the thorough inspection, repair and replacement of parts on refurbished ones. Reliable sellers often offer warranties, but terms vary. Check the IMEI code to prevent theft and buy from reputable sellers for extra security.

Different models of refurbished iPhones

At Refurbished iPhone, virtually every model of iPhone is available as a refurbished device. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive device with an elegant design, such as the pre-owned iPhone 6s which is already available for less than 200 euros, or you prefer a larger model, such as the iPhone 6s Plus or the pre-owned iPhone 7 Plus, you will find it all with us. Other popular models in our refurbished range are the iPhone XR and the Apple iPhone XS.

Of course, our range is much more extensive. Feel free to browse our webshop and contact one of our customer service representatives if you run into any issues. They are always ready to answer all your questions.

Top quality pre-owned iPhones: Accessories and 2-year warranty

At iPhone-Outlet-Store, we endorse the quality of our products, which is why we offer a standard 2-year warranty on all our pre-owned iPhones. We want to make sure you have complete confidence in your purchase.

In addition to this extended warranty, we provide all our pre-owned devices with all the necessary accessories, so you can get started with your new purchase right away. Currently, the pre-owned iPhone 7, pre-owned iPhone XS, Apple iPhone XR and pre-owned iPhone X are very popular in our selection.

What you can expect with every pre-owned iPhone:

  • Certified adapter & lightning cable for safe charging.
  • iPhone tempered glass and an iPhone protective case.
  • 2 year warranty on every iPhone!
  • Always 14 days reflection period.
  • A-grade quality (5 stars).
  • An excellent working iPhone thanks to our thorough checking process.
  • Fast delivery within 1 business day with free shipping.
  • Instant payment options with iDeal, Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, Bancontact or Afterpay.
  • Over 100,000+ reviews with a 9.2 average!
  • Fast shipping methods such as Track and Trace and Same Day Delivery option.
  • Customer satisfaction rating of 97%.

Choose quality assurance and benefit from our comprehensive service and warranty with every purchase. Find out why thousands of satisfied customers choose iPhone Outlet Store!

Affordably buy your used iPhone!

Buying a used iPhone from iPhone Outlet-Store can save you up to 50% off the new price. That means significant savings of €200 to €350, money you can use elsewhere for other expenses. In our assortment you will find only A-grade devices, supplied with all the necessary accessories. So you can enjoy your pre-owned iPhone for years to come.

Sustainability in choice and environment

Sustainability is central to our society, which is why buying a used iPhone from iPhone Outlet-Store is a conscious choice. By doing so, you give a used iPhone more than 2 years of extra life. By choosing refurbished, you avoid producing new iPhones, which contributes to saving scarce resources. A used iPhone is not only a smart, but also a sustainable choice.

Every used iPhone in our webshop has been thoroughly checked on more than 50 points. Defective parts have been replaced with high-quality ones, so you are guaranteed to choose security!

Business shopping at the iPhone Outlet-Store

Business is the ideal solution for companies looking to purchase larger quantities of refurbished iPhones at the best prices. Our live customer service for business customers offers further information and our account managers are ready to guide you. With over 400 customers purchasing pre-owned devices, iPhone Outlet Store business offers reliability and quality.

Questions about our Apple pre-owned iPhones?

For more information about buying a used iPhone, please contact our customer service team via the live chat on the website. Our customer service representatives are always ready to answer your questions and advise you. With a standard 2-year warranty and 14-day cooling-off period, you are always assured of a worry-free purchase at

Customer satisfaction at iPhone Outlet-Store on used iPhones

More and more people are choosing pre-owned iPhones from iPhone-Outlet-Store. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we strive to keep it high. With over 6 years of experience, we know what quality is! Check out our customer reviews to discover the positive experiences other customers share with us. What could be more reliable than the various experiences of satisfied customers?

Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

A pre-owned iPhone is a previously used smartphone that is offered for sale again. These devices may vary in signs of use, but they are thoroughly inspected and refurbished before being sold.

A new iPhone is brand new and comes straight from the factory. A used iPhone has been in use before, but is carefully inspected, repaired and tested before being sold.

Yes, provided you buy from trusted vendors. Reputable vendors offer extended warranties and return policies, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Reliable sellers provide detailed information about the condition of the iPhone. Look at the product description and ask for additional details if necessary.

Yes, many reliable vendors offer warranties on their pre-owned iPhones. This provides peace of mind and protection against any unexpected problems.

Used iPhones are often significantly cheaper than new models, while offering similar performance and quality. Plus, you're helping to reduce electronic waste and promote sustainability.

The lifespan of a used iPhone depends on the model and degree of use. However, quality pre-owned iPhones can still provide many years of excellent performance.

There are several reliable online platforms and specialized sellers offering used iPhones. Choose a vendor with good reviews and a solid reputation.

With reputable vendors, worn-out batteries are often replaced during the refurbishment process to ensure optimal performance.

Yes, reliable sellers thoroughly test all features to ensure that the iPhone is fully functional before it is sold.