At the iPhone-Outlet-Store Netherlands you will find the iPhone X refurbished at a shockingly competitive price. Our devices are thoroughly tested and carry the Hallmark Refurbished. This means you can rely on quality, reliability and durability. Find out why buying a cheap refurbished iPhone X is a smart choice:

As the first iPhone, the Apple iPhone X refurbished features a dual camera system as standard. This advanced system lets you take crisp 12-MP photos and impressive 4K videos. The additional telephoto lens allows you to create beautiful portrait photos. Moreover, this telephoto lens allows you to zoom in on objects that are far away, so you can still capture them sharply.

A first for the new iPhone X refurbished is the addition of Animoji. This unique feature combines animation with emotion, allowing you to use an emoji that accurately mimics your facial expressions and movements. Animoji add a playful touch to your chats, WhatsApp messages and social media posts.

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Colors and storage capacity

The iPhone X refurbished comes in two classic colors: Space Grey and Silver. The glass design of the back gives the Space Grey variant an almost black look. With both colors, you can choose from different external product conditions and storage capacities: 64GB and 256GB. So you can always find an Apple iPhone X refurbished that suits your needs.

iPhone X refurbished, the successor to the iPhone 8

The refurbished iPhone X, Apple's anniversary device, is rightly considered the successor to the iPhone 8. Both devices saw the light of day in 2017. Let's take a closer look at the unique features of the waterproof iPhone X and its differences from its predecessor.

  1. Screen quality and size:

    • iPhone 8: With its compact 4.7-inch screen, the iPhone 8 is one of the smallest smartphones in our lineup. The LED Retina HD screen offers sharpness, but cannot match the OLED Super Retina HD screen of the iPhone X.
    • iPhone X: This device has a larger 5.8-inch screen with no black bezels and no home button. The screen is sharper and more modern than that of the iPhone 8.
  2. Unlocking:

    • iPhone 8: Unlocking is done with Touch ID, the fingerprint scanner under the home button.
    • iPhone X: This is where Face ID makes its appearance. No more home button, but lightning-fast facial recognition.
  3. Cameras:

    • iPhone 8: Standard camera quality.
    • iPhone X: Good camera quality. The iPhone X captures great photos and videos.
  4. iOS updates: Both devices will receive the latest iOS updates until September 2023. After that time, they remain usable, but lack the latest features.

In short, the refurbished Apple iPhone X is a technological masterpiece with a borderless OLED screen, Face ID and many more gadgets that no other predecessor has.

Dual camera system, for extreme footage!

As the first cheaper iPhone, the refurbished iPhone X features a dual camera system as standard that takes photography to the next level. Let's take a closer look at the remarkable features of this particular refurbished smartphone.

  1. Dual Camera System:

    • The 12-MP main camera captures sharp photos even in low light.
    • The additional telephoto lens on the iPhone X allows you to take stunning portrait photos. Zoom in on objects that are far away and still capture them razor sharp.
  2. Animoji:

    • For the first time, the iPhone X introduces Animoji. This is a combination of animation and emotion. An emoji that accurately mimics your facial expressions and movements!
    • Use Animoji in chats, WhatsApp messages and on social media to express yourself in a unique way.
  3. Video recording:

    • The iPhone X lets you shoot stunning 4K videos. Capture important moments in high resolution.

Want to buy a refurbished iPhone X? Then it offers not only technological innovation, but also a modern design without a home button. The OLED Super Retina HD display is sharper than that of its predecessor, the iPhone 8. Watch your favorite movies and series with bright colors and deep contrasts on this beautiful screen.

In short, the iPhone X refurbished is a powerful companion for creative minds and lovers of high-quality photography.

Two-year warranty on a refurbished device!

You can rely on an extended warranty period of two years on the pre-owned Apple device, one year on (charging) accessories and two years on the battery. So you can be sure of long-term enjoyment with your iPhone X.

What does an average Refurbished iPhone X cost ?

Buying the refurbished iPhone X offers an excellent balance between quality and price. Let's take a closer look at pricing and why this device is a smart choice.

  1. 64GB Model:

    • At reputable online stores, you can find a remanufactured refurbished iPhone X with 64GB storage capacity at prices ranging from $210.99 to $217.99.
    • This device offers enough space for apps, photos and videos.
  2. 256GB Model:

    • If you need more storage, you can opt for the refurbished iPhone X with 256GB, which is available from €579
    • With 256GB, you can effortlessly store all your files and media.

Why choose an Apple iPhone X refurbished?

The affordable Apple iPhone X offers an energy-saving OLED screen, Face ID and an excellent camera. With a refurbished iPhone X, you benefit from the same features, but at an attractive price. Moreover, you contribute to sustainability by choosing a refurbished device.

The iPhone X refurbished is not only durable and high quality, but also shockingly competitively priced. Moreover, every refurbished iPhone X comes standard with free new charging accessories. Choose consciously and enjoy the benefits of an iPhone X refurbished!

Buy your refurbished iPhone X before 10:30 p.m. on weekdays or Sundays? Then it will be delivered to your home the next day. Find out all about the iPhone X on our website.

iPhone-Outlet-Store: The place for your iPhone X

At the iPhone-Outlet-Store , we believe in affordable quality. Our refurbished Apple devices are up to 60% cheaper than new, and good for the environment. Choose consciously and go for an iPhone X refurbished with the Hallmark Refurbished. Order now and experience the benefits of a refurbished iPhone X!

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