The iPhone 14, one of Apple's newest smartphone models, is known for its top quality. Although the new price can be quite high, choosing a refurbished device offers significant savings. With us, you buy a high-quality refurbished iPhone 14 without compromising on service or warranty.

Each device has been thoroughly checked, repaired and cleaned, making it indistinguishable from a new one. With a refurbished iPhone 14, you can be assured of quality and years of trouble-free use. What are you waiting for? Save money and buy your refurbished iPhone 14 from us today!

The familiar design of previous iPhones

The familiar design of previous iPhones is retained in the iPhone 14, which continues the aesthetic of its predecessors, the refurbished iPhone 12 and the refurbished iPhone 13. This model features a glass back and flat sides made of stainless steel.

The top of the screen retains the characteristic notch for sensors and the selfie camera. The rear cameras are slightly larger than those of previous models, providing improved photo quality. Unfortunately, although you opt for a refurbished iPhone, it means you can't reuse your old case. Fortunately, you do get an iPhone with excellent camera performance in return!

Buying a refurbished iPhone 14 at Apple outlet store

We are proud to present Apple outlet store as a leading supplier of refurbished products. Our specialization in iPhones and years of refurbished experience guarantee that you will receive a high quality product.

Our refurbished iPhones are of excellent quality and are always delivered quickly. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your iPhone, our customer service is ready to assist you. In addition, we offer a 2-year warranty on your refurbished iPhone. Considering buying a refurbished iPhone 14?

Whether you use an iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch or iPhone, you know you can expect quality as soon as you see the distinctive apple on your device. Of course, this also applies to refurbished products. That's why we always go through the following 4 steps before a refurbished iPhone leaves our door:

  1. Inspect - Our technicians thoroughly inspect all incoming iPhones.
  2. Refurbishing - Defective parts are replaced with new ones.
  3. Cleaning - Once the device is 100% technically sound, it is thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Like New - At the end of this process, the iPhone is like new again!

    Our devices are classified as Used, Good or Like New. In all cases, they go through the above steps and you will receive a fully functioning phone. However, the Used condition may have minor signs of use, such as scratches or dents on the casing or screen. Therefore, these phones are offered at a lower price.

What is the difference between the regular 14, the pro and the Plus?

With the 14th generation iPhone, you're choosing a great refurbished device. But if you want something extra, consider the refurbished Pro and Plus. The iPhone 14 Pro is similar to the regular iPhone 14 in many ways, but has an extra telephoto lens on the back. This allows you to take even better photos at a distance.

This makes the Pro slightly larger and heavier than the standard iPhone 14. Are you not an avid photographer but enjoy watching videos on platforms like YouTube? Then the fully refurbished iPhone 14 Plus is worth considering. The screen of this iPhone is significantly larger, at a whopping 6.7 inches. It can almost serve as a replacement for your iPad or MacBook! Whichever type of iPhone you choose - the regular, the Pro or the Plus - you're always getting a great one from Apple.

Buying your refurbished iPhone online!

There are several reasons why considering a refurbished iPhone 14 is a wise choice. First of all, the price difference between a brand new iPhone and a refurbished smartphone is significant. While a new iPhone 14 easily costs more than a thousand euros, you can get your hands on a refurbished iPhone 14 for a fraction of that price at the Apple outlet store.

Moreover, opting for a refurbished device is also environmentally friendly, as you are helping to reduce waste by reusing electronics. Once you've decided to go for a refurbished iPhone, all you have to do is choose which color you prefer! The iPhone is available in white, black, blue, purple and red. With our large inventory of refurbished devices, you're sure to find an iPhone that's perfect for you. All prices displayed include VAT.

iPhone 14: Makes mega leap...

The iPhone 14, released in 2022 as the direct successor to the iPhone 13, embodies the epitome of innovation. With its sleek design, advanced cameras and powerful chip, this compact device offers an unparalleled user experience. With the ability to shoot and film in high resolution (up to 4K) supported by advanced Apple software, you will enjoy stunning image quality.

Moreover, seamless 5G connectivity ensures a blazingly fast Internet experience. In short, the iPhone 14 effortlessly surpasses all previous iPhone generations and revolutionizes the world of smartphones!

A refurbished iPhone 14 is available in different memory capacities:

  • 128 GB
  • 256GB
  • 512GB

If you want to store a lot of apps and videos, we recommend opting for an iPhone with a larger storage capacity. However, if you are someone who mainly works in the cloud and streams content via platforms like Netflix or YouTube, then you will be fine with a slightly more modest memory.

What are the benefits of a refurbished iPhone 14?

Here are the benefits of buying a refurbished iPhone 14:

  1. Significant savings compared to the new price of an iPhone 14.
  2. Wide choice of available colors and variants.
  3. Less environmental impact than a new device.

At the Apple outlet store, you also enjoy these benefits when ordering a refurbished product:

  1. Free accessories such as a charger, screen protector and case with your iPhone.
  2. A brand new or like-new battery in the iPhone.
  3. Thorough overhaul by Apple experts in our state-of-the-art facility.
  4. In-house stock, making your iPhone 14 available for immediate delivery.
  5. Ordered before 6 p.m., free delivery tomorrow.
  6. 24-month warranty, including on the battery.

Order your cheap iPhone 14 on our webshop today and enjoy your new purchase soon. A refurbished iPhone is also a perfect gift for your partner, kids or close friends, without costing the jackpot!

An Apple iPhone with impressive camera features

The iPhone 14 features powerful rear cameras, including both a standard lens and a wide-angle lens, each equipped with Night Mode. These advanced cameras deliver sharp and detailed photos even in low light, making them suitable for professional use.

In addition, the special action mode ensures that videos are less jerky, which is ideal for capturing active moments during vacations or sports activities. The selfie camera has also been significantly improved, with autofocus for sharp self-portraits. With the iPhone 14, you're guaranteed beautiful images, even as an amateur photographer.

A lightning-fast A15 chip

The iPhone 14 features the powerful A15 Bionic chip, the same processor found in the iPhone 13 Pro. What sets this chip apart is its ability to render complex images smoothly. Whether you're playing fast-paced games or editing videos on your iPhone, you'll find that these tasks run more smoothly than ever before.

With ample 6GB of working memory, you can effortlessly open multiple apps at once and quickly switch between them. The iPhone 14 responds almost instantly to every action, making the overall user experience extremely smooth.

Our warranty for refurbished iPhones

With us, the provider of refurbished Apple products, you benefit from a whopping 24-month warranty on every iPhone that leaves our premises. During this period, you can get free repairs and replacements if something is wrong with your iPhone. Plus, we're known for our excellent customer service and fast delivery, so you'll have your refurbished iPhone in your home quickly and hassle-free!

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Are you looking for an iPhone with razor-sharp photos and the very latest iPhone chip? Then the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the perfect choice for you. Equipped with the brand new A16 Bionic chip, you'll be faster than ever before.

Refurbished iPhone 14 Plus

If you're looking for an inexpensive iPhone with top quality, definitely consider a refurbished iPhone 14 Plus. At the Apple iPhone outlet store, you'll find the best deals on refurbished iPhones, complete with a 24-month warranty on each device.

Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro

Are you looking for an inexpensive iPhone that delivers the same performance as a new model, but at a friendlier price tag? Then the refurbished iPhone 14 Pro is the perfect choice for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

The price of a refurbished iPhone 14 can vary depending on the provider, the condition of the device and the storage capacity. In general, prices are lower than those of a new device, but it is always wise to compare different providers.

A refurbished iPhone 14 is a device that has been previously used but returned to the manufacturer or a certified refurbisher for inspection, repair (if necessary) and cleaning. It is then offered for sale again with the same warranty and quality standards as a new device.

No, a refurbished iPhone 14 is not the same as a used device. Refurbished devices are thoroughly inspected, repaired and refurbished to meet strict quality standards before being resold. As a result, they are often of higher quality and more reliable than used devices.

A refurbished iPhone 14 is generally cheaper than a new device. In addition, a refurbished device may have slight signs of use, while a new device is completely unused. However, in terms of performance and functionality, they are virtually identical, and refurbished devices come with the same warranty as new devices.

Refurbished iPhones are available from various retailers, online stores and specialized refurbishers. Make sure you choose a reliable retailer with good reviews and warranty terms.

Always choose a reputable seller or refurbisher that offers a warranty on their products. Also check if the device is certified and comes with a quality guarantee. Read reviews and experiences of other customers to make an informed decision.